Standards Check Resources for ADIs

On this page, we have listed some important resources for you, which will help you prepare for your ADI Standards Check.

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Once you have our guide, here’s a list of other resources you will find really useful:

Client-Centred Learning and the ADI Part 3 Test

Well before the introduction of the Standards Check in April 2014, questions were being raised about the ADI Part 3 test and whether it was still fit for purpose. Many ADI Trainers have been solely equipping their trainees with instructor-led approaches using the pre-set tests (PSTs) as a focus for their training. In our opinion, these trainers are leaving their PDIs with a fairly significant gap in their skills after qualification, and one in which ‘retraining’ prior to the Standards Check will often be necessary.

So what about client-centred learning? Can client-centred techniques be used successfully on the ADI Part 3 test?

There have been lots of changes in the driver training industry recently, and for the most part, we think these changes have been very positive. The Standards Check assesses how ADIs measure up to the

HMRC Webinars – Help For Driving Instructors

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has produced a great set of webinars to help customers to understand a variety of tax systems and learn what obligations they need to meet. Both live and pre-recorded options are available.

Live HMRC Webinars

Live HMRC webinars last for an hour and are interactive, giving you the valuable opportunity to ask questions directly to the webinar host.  The webinars are available on set dates at set times – we have listed them all below for you, and will update this post regularly with the latest webinar schedules.

You will need to register in advance for a live webinar by clicking the relevant link below.  The session is then recorded and made available to view after the event.

Registering for a webinar is really quick and easy – simply provide your name and email address. You will then receive an email with a link to view the webinar at the […]

Driving School Supplies, Roof Signs & Accessories

Whatever driving school supplies you are looking for, whether you need a new roof sign, a visual aid or other driving school accessories, one of the below companies is bound to have what you need.

*NOTE* This is not a list of recommended suppliers – we have no affiliation with these companies, nor can we endorse them for their services. Please make sure you do your own research before committing to any purchase.


List of companies selling driving school supplies:

Do you know of any good companies selling driving school supplies that we may have missed from our list above? If so, get in touch via our contact form, or post the name, website and phone number of the driving school supplies company in the comments below.

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ADI Standards Check Grade & Examiner Confusion

The ADI Standards Check was introduced on 7th April 2014.  But 6 months later, it seems some DVSA examiners are still giving out incorrect information with regards to duration between Standards Checks.

Here is just one of many posts I have seen on social media, which suggests that examiners are themselves confused about the time between each ADI Standards Check (all personal details removed).


“How Long Will it be Until My Next ADI Standards Check?”

Admittedly, the information on the DVSA website is a little unclear…

This doesn’t give any specific information about how your grade will affect the time until your next ADI Standards Check.  But there is a clue in the wording, i.e. ‘at least’. Take a look at the DVSA ADI 1 document (point 10.06) and it explains how long ADI Standards Check reports should be stored for: